How to Start Track Cycling Glasgow Velodrome

February 17, 2014

hoy_velodrome_Sir_Chris_Hoy_Velodrome_in_Commonwealth_ArenaThe opening of the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow was associated with some well justified exciting in the cycling community. Since its opening it has hosted the World Cup, Revolution and Junior Track World Championships. It is first rate venue of international standards and the best news of all is that anyone can ride the track cycling Glasgow Velodrome!

You need to complete four levels of 'accreditation'. Accredit 1 - 4. These are formally coached and assessed sessions that take you from the very basics of starting to ride a track bike to the basics of racing. Once you're fully accredited you are free to ride the other indoor velodromes in the country such as Manchester. Manchester accreditation similarly allows for riding in Glasgow.

Registration for accreditation is done via an online booking page if you are a Glasgow Life member. If not, then there is a form and contact details at the following link: Emirates Arena. There is a small fee of around £25 for each session and this includes 1-2 hours of small group coaching and full hire of the bike and all other kit required with exclusive use of the velodrome for the group - I consider this to be very good value overall for the total package you're getting.

Once you've completed your accreditation you're free to book into free riding session, or further coached sessions with a certain focus - e.g. track sprinting or pursuit. You are also eligible to enter in the track league races and other track races held on the track.