The Scotsman publishes a basic guide to cycling in Scotland

September 27, 2015

Frozen Ice Bike Scotland

CYCLING is as fashionable as ever and Halfords reported a profit of £1 billion this year. The Scotsman have published a basic guide to cycling, particularly commuting, in Scotland. See below for some highlights and click the link to visit for the full article.


"Sites like Freecycle permit users to advertise things free of charge. Paying for a second hand bike comes with its own set of risks. Superficial wear and tear may be noticed but there may be mechanical issues that are not seen. Avoid a frame that appears rusty, cracked or crumpled and get it checked by a qualified bike mechanic before riding..."


"A helmet, whereas not a legal demand, is strongly recommended. It offers protection for any unforeseen road accidents, and is wise investment.

Bike theft isn't uncommon, thus a durable lock is strongly recommended.

Cycling at night comes with its own risks, and for that reason we advocate that you simply wear some type of high visibility clothing or reflectors. This permits traffic to see you on dark nights..."


If you wish to be treated respectfully as a road user, act respectfully of other road users. Once the lights flip red, don’t rush through them, as you’ll in all probability cause an accident. Similarly, don’t suddenly ride on the pavement then rejoin the traffic further up the road.

If the thought of busy road fills you with dread, then attempt the quieter back roads...


"Scotland incorporates a nice network of cycle routes both in and around cities, which supply a way of freedom that cars and buses simply can’t..."


"Cycling within towns comes with its own set of dangers - principally avoiding other vehicles..."


"As a general rule, your bike ought to be maintained a minimum of once a year..."

Source: A guide to city cycling in Scotland - The Scotsman