Scottish Road Potholes

February 17, 2014

Glasgow PotholeAnyone who cycles in Scotland knows how bad the roads can be. It is true that potholes are a problem for cyclists around the whole of the UK but it is perceived the Scottish road potholes are the worst. Expecting potholes on every blind corner is a known hazard, ignored at your peril. Even cycling routes you know well is not guaranteed to be safe as deep crevasses seem to open up in a matter or days, especially during the heavy rains and freeze-thaw cycles of the winter months.

A recent BBC article has shed light on just how much Scottish councils pay out - £360,000 for Glasgow City Council alone last year! This money was just compensation to drivers with damage to their cars. Remember that cyclists, too, can claim for any damage sustained from potholes, either direct or as a result of crash caused by a pothole. British Cycling provide good information on this and some of their membership categories offer some legal support in this respect.

Remember that if you see a pothole when out cycling that you must report it to your local council. Glasgow City Council, ironically, have one of the best website services for this: and you can make your report anonymously or register to track the confirmation from the council that they have received the report and will address it. They even have a smartphone application which you can use to take photos of the pothole in question for your report.

There are also various very effective third party websites such as and or the associated smartphone applications. It can be quite surprising how quickly councils respond to these reports. Once the potholes have been reported the information in saved on a database. Any damage that occurs to cars or bikes as a result of the pothole, after it has been reported, becomes much harder for them to defend and avoid paying out compensation. It everyone made the effort to report even pothole they came across then it really could it improve the roads for everyone.