Kingsford Loop (Newton Mearns cycle route near Glasgow, Neilston)

February 17, 2014

Newton Mearns CyclingThis is a great cycling route which follows a rural loop along good road surfaces. The scenery is impressive passing several Lochs and reservoirs with excellent views in the countryside and farmland. The roads are quiet and the terrain generally consists of rolling hills with no particularly steep gradients and lots of fairly long flat sections. It makes for an excellent cycling route whether at a gentle pace, moderate training, or a fast circuit. The rolling nature of the route might also make it suitable for steady pace time trial training. It is a good Newton Mearns cycle route for those living in this area and easily reached from Glasgow.

The circuit is very easily reached from central Glasgow or nearby areas such as Newton Mearns and Paisley. The location of the route also means it is extremely easy to extend the distance to take in other scenic roads in the area such as to the west towards Uplawmoor or to the south toward Kilmarnock.

The route as shown below is just 19 miles but most cyclists will join the route from Glasgow or nearby towns. As with all routes on you can download a gpx file of the route using the route map download link below. This file can then be easily uploaded on to your gps cycle computer such as those made by Garmin. Alternatively you can use the Google map below to review the route and plan your approach. This particular route is equally enjoyed clockwise or anticlockwise. The profile shown is for a clockwise circuit of the route.

Total distance: 18.79 mi
Download file: kingsfordcycling.gpx