Crow Road and Tak Ma Doon Cycle Route

February 19, 2015

Carron Valley Reservoir

The Crow Road and Tak Ma Doon cycle route is a great cycling loop route - the start and finish point of this circuit is at some free parking at Milton of Campsie which is only a fairly short drive from Glasgow, or Stirling, for example.

Taking the clockwise cycle route the road starts up the Crow Road fairly soon after leaving from the car park base. This is long climb but at a fairly manageable incline. Some steeper sections are followed by flatter sections which give time for recover. Once at the top of the Crow Road there is a long relatively flat section which passes the Carron Valley Reservoir, a really beautiful section of the route. Then theres a shorter section of further climbing before the steep descent down the Tak-Ma-Doon road. It is worth pausing at the car park at the top of the Tak-Ma-Doon cycle to enjoy the spectacular views and prepare for the descent itself. Beware that it requires fairly constant use of the brakes and can be quite hazardous especially in icy conditions with lots of tight, sometime blind, bends.

25.7 mile loop. Needless to say, clockwise is the easier direction. For the hardened climbers, the anticlockwise route with the ascent up the Tak-Ma-Doon is a daunting challenge.

Total distance: 26.51 mi
Download file: Crow Road Loop.gpx

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